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Hello World!

It is the first thing every developer codes, when starting to learn a new programming language. So, since I am starting here, I thought it might be a good headline to choose.

You may be asking what this blog is about?

In my blog, I want to cover the most exciting topics. First of all, that will be coding, as the headline might suggest. Coding is one of the most creative and exciting hobbies you can think of. There are endless challenges you can overcome and no limitations set to what you want to do. Writing code is a skill everyone should acquire, it helps your problem-solving ability and logical thinking. In one post I might be talking about all the benefits of writing code that will bring it to you!

Secondly, I want to make you more thoughtful about your input device, the keyboard. The mechanical keyboard niche is for typing enthusiasts and everyone who becomes one. There is a big benefit in building your own custom keyboard. (I just built my own this year!) Despite the benefits of having a nice typing sound and feel, there comes a big novelty aspect with it. Custom keyboards are quite expensive but worth it!

Time will tell what the more interesting topics will be. I appreciate every comment on my posts, so I can improve myself. Looking forward to interact with all of you!

But who am I?

My name is Tom, I am 22 years old from Hamburg, Germany. I am currently studying computer science with a focus on cybersecurity. I love my major and as I said I want to blog it. If you want to know more about me, I may be streaming some coding sessions or assembling a keyboard. When I do so, I will link my stream on the homepage.

Another big interest of mine is Star Wars. I grew up with it and I am just loving it! But this wont play any role on this blog. I just want to share a thing.

With that said, I will get right into it!

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